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A Garden Journal -- January 2004

Last Update: January 25

The baby squirrel that found its way home.

January 16 - morning

It has been a quiet few weeks in our garden - I have enjoyed the cool days, bright light, and the return of our winter visitors- the American Goldfinches. This morning, we are also enjoying the second day of much needed rainfall.

The picture above was taken last weekend in the aftermath of another raptor encounter. I was in our front yard when I heard a squirrel barking with a particular intensity. I looked up to see a large Red Tailed Hawk perched about twenty feet from the squirrel's nest at the top of one of our elm trees. The squirrel was putting up a very brave show and was lucky to have allies in a small squadron of Blue Jays that were dive-bombing the Hawk. Eventually, the Hawk seemed to tire of the attention and moved to a tree in one of our neighbor's yards before flying off altogether. Mother squirrel, however, was still very distressed and started to move her young to another location. Unfortunately, she dropped the baby pictured above. Victor noticed the baby on the hood of his car and so we wrapped it in a towel and put it on the roof (after taking its portrait.) It took a while, but Moma found her baby and retrieved him. He seemed a little bruised but none the worse for the experience. I usually curse squirrels, but when one as helpless as little "pinkie" literally falls into your lap, well, you wish him the best.

Below are a few pictures Victor took over the holidays when he was visiting his family in Mexico - I thought you would enjoy these scenes from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato:

A bit of architectural detail.


A few garden ornaments for sale.


The courtyard of a former convent now used as an art school.


A touching street scene.


Beautiful light, beautiful place.


A flower covered wall on a quiet side street.

January 17 - evening

We emerged from the mini-monsoon of the past few days with four inches of rain soaking into the ground and a beautiful warm Saturday afternoon to bask in. Now, a cold front has pushed through - it clapped against the house with real force  a few hours ago and the wind has still not abated. The temperature is quickly sliding from the mid-seventy degree day we enjoyed. Three seasons in one day... welcome to Texas.

January 25 - evening

It has been a picture perfect January day with temperatures in the seventies and a gentle breeze. We enjoyed another period of showers this past week, and as long as things don't speed towards spring too quickly it looks as is we should have a great start to the year. I spent a good part of tha day tidying things up a little and basking in the sun. Here are some new images:

A container with Echeveria (and Marble mulch!) by our pond.


Agave lophantha in our front yard.


Butterfly Amaryllis  with bonsai juniper and dwarf juniper.




A look across one of our decomposed granite patio spaces with English box, Agaves, and more.





Fossil and stones from the edge of our pond.


Our Greek Key labyrinth outlined with Bluebonnets.


Opuntia Santa Rita.


Our Possumhaw Hollies  have their first berry crop.


The Lacebark elms look beautiful in the winter light.


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