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A Garden Journal -- May 2004

Last Update: May 31

Our Soledad statue with blooming Opuntia.

May 2 - evening

It is a gorgeous, clear, cool, dry evening... I can't believe what a spring we are still having! I spent hours today laboring away in the garden, cleaning out our Bluebonnets and some of the other early spring bloomers. Right now, I am quite exhausted but I wanted to share some of the latest pics from the garden...

A front view of Soledad.


A close up of the Opuntia blooms.


'Jude the Obscure' - one of our English roses. This one has an incredible exotic fragrance.


A Louisiana Iris, the native form I first collected from the Big Thicket some twenty four years ago.


A convoluted form of Agave lophantha that a friend gave me. Very cool.

May 13 - morning

It has been a wet and warm week - our first prolonged taste of summer has come with the muggy dampness, but at least it is still damp! The garden is exploding with lush new growth and has entered that late spring cycle of daylilies, agapanthus, manfreda, and cone flowers. And speaking of tastes of summer, our tomatoes are looking great and I am beginning to fantasize about our first heirloom tomato tart.

I hope that your garden is providing you with as much joy as our is giving us, every evening when we come home it feels like we are making  a voyage of discovery as we wander down the garden paths...

Here are some of our latest pictures:

A wide view showing our Bald Cypress allee.


Our 'Little Gem' magnolia is filled with deeply fragrant blossoms.


A 'tawny' daylily after a rain shower.


Another old-fashioned variety of daylily, this one is a pass-along from Boggy Creek Farms.


Clematis 'Duchess of Albany.'

May 16 - morning

'Colorado' Waterlilies in full bloom.

I had an amazing day working in the garden yesterday... It was sunny, but not too warm, and every where I turned I saw something else coming into bloom. Add two new bird species sightings, a Great Crested Fly Catcher and a Yellow Billed Cuckoo, and my day was complete. Here are (a lot) of new pictures:


'Black and Blue" Salvia guaranitica and a bluebird seed bowl given to us by a friend.

Tawny and hybrid daylilies.


'Constance Elliot' Passionvine.


A few pond residents.


Looking over the pond, through the passionvine covered arbor, over the labyrinth, to our statue of Guadalupe.


The pond as seen from the roof.


A wide view from the roof.


A little to the right.


A little closer.


The conversation room.


The largest of our circle beds as seen from the roof. Note the tree-like blooms of the Giant Hesperaloe.


Another of our circle beds with Agave bracteosa in the foreground, Agave weberii on the left, and Agave americana 'Baby Blue' on the right.


One more circle... The blue form of Agave weberii is on the left, Agave lophantha in the foreground, and three Yucca pallidas on the upper right. The flower is 'Angelita' daisy.


Close-up of a very cool form of Calanchoe.


A House Finch visiting one of our feeders.


Agapanthus 'Midnight Blue.' I think this is Victor's favorite flower in the garden.

May 31 - evening

It is Memorial Day and all thoughts of our cool spring have vanished in a steamy cloud... it was over 100 degrees fahrenheit today (37.8 celcius.) Fortunately, the rain gods are still smiling on us and a passing thundershower has cooled things off a bit. The garden is responding to the moisture and everything seems to be growing at a record pace. I can't believe how tall some of our young trees are - the biggest trees in our bald cypress allee are approaching twenty feet. They have grown nearly fifteen feet in just three years!

Basho, our littlest cat, has attached himself to my chest and is demanding my full attention. He lives with one certainty: humans were put on this earth to worship him. I feel I must comply. Until next time - here are a few more pictures....

Our echinaceas are in  full bloom right now... the butterflies love them.


'Peter Pan' Agapanthus and daylilies.
















The flower spikes from one of our Manfredas.


A mass showing of the Peter Pan Agapanthus.

A standard Agapanthus bloom.

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