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A Garden Journal -- July 2004

Last Update: July 19

A wide shot of the backyard in the late afternoon.

July 5 - evening

We have returned to a hot/dry cycle but the mornings are still relatively pleasant. Today, I actually worked up the courage to build a small retaining wall in our front yard and managed to finish before the heat became unbearable. In the afternoon, I retreated indoors but still managed to find a way to turn up the heat...  I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 for the second time. I was surprised that there was not one empty seat in the theatre despite the fact that the movie has been out for ten days. I strongly recommend that you see it - and if you live in one of those "toss-up" states like Ohio or Florida, please bring everyone you know along with you! The film is very moving, entertaining, and completely enraging. How could we have just stood by while our great nation was being turned into a black-hearted parody of a banana republic? I was not a Michael Moore fan before this, I thought his pranks in Bowling for Columbine were obnoxious, however, he has earned my complete respect with this movie. I have always tried to spare you my political thoughts, but we need to be talking to one another about the failure of our leadership. There are many changes that need to be made in our country and both political parties are guilty of crimes and of abusing the system, but we have never faced such outright corruption and venality. Go. Act. Vote.

On a much happier note - enjoy the summer fullness of our garden...

The conversation room in the fullness of the season.


Looking through the Passion Vine arbor towards the pond and cat porch


Our crinums are a bit late this year but are really exploding with color now.


Looking through the allee from the back of the garden. Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine lights up the pathway.


Our 'Goldstrum' Rudbeckia is beginning to bloom - it is pictured here with Miscanthus, Gulf Muhly grass, and Daylily foliage.


A container grouping in the back / northeast corner of the garden.

July 19 - morning

A very rare summer cool front blew though yesterday trimming our day time high by about ten degrees. It was most pleasant working in the garden with a light overcast shielding us from the sun and temperatures only in the 80's. I actually saw several Lesser Goldfinches who appear to have over-summered with us and my Mom and Dad reported seeing geese flying South! Strange.

Regardless of unusual weather and bird behavior, here are a few new pics...

A Crinum Asiaticum that was given to me last year. The bulb for this plant weighed about forty pounds!


Rudbeckia Goldstrum in full bloom.


A view though our allee.


A little wider view.


A wide view of the back of the garden.

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