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A Garden Journal -- October 2004

Last Update:  October 27

One of the many Zebra butterflies that we have had as visitors in our garden this year.

October 10 - evening

It has been a quiet autumnal day - the weather has turned cooler and the air is dry, a perfect day to wander around the garden and attend to a few chores. I was fortunate to capture a few images of the Zebra heliconian butterflies that have been visiting our garden.

This has been an incredibly busy time at work and there won't be any let up until after the election, so the short amount of time that I get to spend in the garden seems particularly precious. I have to keep reminding myself to find the time just to sit down and enjoy our creation. In a few moments I intend to do just that.

 More soon...

October 15 - morning

Autumn in North Dakota - a picture taken by my sister, Diana.

It seems that autumn has come to Austin (and North Dakota!) The temperature is in the 'forties as I write this early in the morning. A strong cool front has passed through bringing our first real taste of autumn. Later today, I will be heading to the Texas Panhandle for a documentary shoot focusing on the historic courthouses of Texas. I am looking forward to my short visit to the southern end of the Great Plains. I wonder if the cottonwoods along the Canadian River are turning colors?

October 27 - morning

English roses in bloom.

Well, it certainly has not been autumnal! In fact, our weather has been depressingly summer-like for the past several weeks. At least we have had several good rain storms.  I doubt we will have much fall color on our annual trek to Lost Maples this year.

I have been "on the road" shooting more material for our documentary feature on the historic courthouses of Texas. Yesterday, we were in Hillsboro and Waxahachie, Texas, the sites of two of the most spectacular courthouses in the state. Both have been recently restored or rebuilt and looked amazing on our video monitors. I can't wait to edit our piece together. I will start shooting another doc in a couple of weeks, that will be on the old Spanish Missions of Texas.

Our garden has suffered a bit from my busy-ness for the past few weeks - I am looking forward to a quiet time after the elections so that I can catch up with all of the chores that need to be done. And, speaking of the elections.... do not miss the chance to voice your opinion on what has happened to our country over the course of the past four years - VOTE!

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