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A GardenJournal -- November 2002

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November 11 - morning

It is early on a workday morning and I only have enough time to mention that we have just returned from our Lost Maples pilgrimage. The color on the trees was pretty good this year, and we really enjoyed our hikes in the park.  The headwater springs of the Sabinal were overflowing thanks to all of the rain that we have had. The pools were deep and  clear and the spring flow was being supplemented by a small waterfall that was dry last year.

My favorite moments were spent fireside on the patio of the old farmhouse that we rented. The stars put on a spectacular show and we saw shooting stars that rivaled fireworks. Amazing. As were were sitting there, we were listening to Nick Lowe, one of my favorite singers. The song that really touched me was "I'm a Failed Christian." The lyrics that resonated that brilliant night were: "I'm a failed Christian, I've got my own church, I pray with my soul to this great universe." With Orion rising over the bluffs in front of the cabin, and the milky way streaming between the branches of  the ancient oaks that arched overhead, I couldn't help but sing along.

A side canyon off of the West Canyon Trail - Lost Maples








More maples









One of the creeks that feeds the Sabinal

A lacey oak with classic form

Trail side maple

November 24 - morning

It is a foggy morning and the sun has been trying for the past hour to break through the mist. The past few weeks have been very quiet in the garden. The long slow slide into dormancy has begun and we are waiting for the first fall color from our own bigtooth maples and lacey oak. Last week we planted many of our bulbs, including "golden rain" daffodils, "giraffe" amaryllis, leucojum "gravetye's giant," and dozens of grape hyacinths. Our tulips and still more daffodils are cooling in our refrigerator.

The biggest change in our garden this week actually came in the form of a new roof for our back porch. When we moved in, we quickly noted the shoddy construction of the old back porch and the fact that when it rained- the roof of the porch was so rotten, the water literally poured through. Now, we have a tall, freestanding roof that will allow much more light in and make a very pleasing place to hang out during rain storms. We also tore out the decking that was underneath the old roof and are going to replace it with a stone and gravel porch. I like decking, but in our climate, I think it pays to invest in something a little more durable.

Well, I need to attend to another autumn chore- raking leaves. I'll post pics of our new porch "pavilion" soon.

November 27 - morning

From autumn to winter in a few short hours... It is positively COLD outside with a penetrating chill delivered by a damp north wind. Yesterday, as I hustled around the garden doing a few chores, I noted that the space felt much larger- the deciduous trees are losing their leaves and the garden is beginning to feel a little bare. I like the change from season to season and will check for the progress of our fall color in a short while.

Meanwhile, I want to say "thanks" to all of my regular  readers. Despite all of the tension we have loaded into our lives, and the troubled state of the world, there is much to be thankful for. I consider myself to be a very fortunate man, and I count you among my blessings. Happy Thanksgiving.

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