This sentence is in

the Times New Roman font.
This sentence is in the Papyrus font.
If the above sentences look the same, chances are you don’t
have the Papyrus font. You can download the font here as a zipped file (about 100kb). If you don’t
have a program to “unzip” (decompress) zip files, you
can download one for free from cnet.comTo install the font (for windows
95 and 98):
(1) Go to the control panel (start menu / settings / control panel)
(2) Double click “Fonts”
(3) Select file / install new font
(4) Browse to where you downloaded the Papyrus font
(5) Select this font and click “add”If you have problems downloading
or installing either file, feel free to e-mail our webmaster,
he’ll be glad to assist you.